I’m sure at this point you have already heard of Native boots. The Fitzsimmons model is pretty popular amongst dudes looking for the hiker look, but not looking for a hiker that costs more than a moderately price escort. At $90 you can’t really beat it if you're looking to dip you toe in (to hiking boots, not prostitutes). The only reason I’m even writing about these boots is because the brown colorway is called “Beaver Brown”. Now, I’m all for creative color naming—like "ocean blue" and "hopeful periwinkle"—but "beaver brown" is just begging for a couple of lowbrow vagina jokes. But we're trying to be classy over here at Four Pins in 2013 (as you can already see thanks to the hooker references above), so we'll just type "vagina jokes" and let your fucked up, porn-addled brain insert whatever pops up first.