The only thing worse than being cold, is being wet and cold. Ace Hotel knows that being cold, wet, and miserable is not the way to a leisure life. That's precisely why the do-it-all hospitality/design brand collaborated with Knoxville, Tennessee's own Alpha Industries on a waterproof fishtail parka. The jacket's design is based off the U.S. Army's M-65 jacket, but updated with modern concepts and functionality. A washed nylon shell comprises the structure of the jacket that also features dry seam-sealed technology and an adjustable hood. Ace hotel also offered its architecture background to create a jacket with clean and appealing lines. And if all of this isn't enough of a reason to think this jacket is dope, consider this: anything made for the military makes you look three times tougher than you actually are. So if you want to be warm, dry, and cool, consider this jacket a reasonable option. Buy the jacket here for $300.

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