Photographer Tiffany Yung took pictures of the breakfasts she ate during 2012 and made a photo collage to see them all in one place. Her dedication to seeing this project through is impressive, to say the least. Would you be able to photograph a daily meal for an entire year? See the image in high res here and read the statement on how she did it below:

"This is the culmination of my year-long 'project.' This is everything I ate for breakfast in 2012 (350 days of breakfast…the 6 days missing are the days I either didn’t get to eat breakfast, or forgot to take a picture). I ate a lot of oatmeal and cereal and bananas and bagels and 'jook' (congee) this year. Some mornings, breakfast was 'lavish,' while other mornings were smaller and plainer because I had to rush out the door. I love breakfast and I try to never miss it. It can really make or break my day."

[via Petapixel]