Sean Kennedy

Based in: Los Angeles

For his May 2012 solo at Thomas Duncan in Los Angeles, Sean Kennedy fashioned a series of clear acrylic glass panes that hung from the gallery's ceiling and upon which were placed all manner of objects, from cigarette butts and cell phones to plastic cups and cleaning products. Several months later, he exhibited a similar collection of works in a lauded two person show with Chadwick Rantanen at UNT/TLED in New York. Further exhibitions on Kennedy's 2012 cv include the four person show The Thing Itself, curated by Isaac Resnikoff, at Chapman University in Orange, Needles in the Camel's Eye, Thomas Duncan's summer group show, Pure Smoke Culture, curated by Nick Kramer, at Anthony Greaney in Boston and a three person show with Mathew Cerletty and Mateo Tannatt at Mary Mary in Glasgow; the latter two run through mid-January. One of his highly textured, painted security grates was also on view in Thomas Duncan's booth at NADA Miami 2012. This year, see Kennedy's work at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, MA, Brand New Gallery in Milan and Albert Baronian Gallery in Brussels.


Above: Sean Kennedy, Untitled, 2012, Thomas Duncan Gallery, Los Angeles