A company's decision to align with good causes usually happens for one of two reasons: wanting to reinvigorate their brand through appearing philanthropic and conscientious or wanting to affect real, worldwide change. The best case scenario is when they are both at the root of a brand and their campaigns.

"Social good" encompasses a lot in this day and age—environmental concern, community re-invigoration, efforts to eliminate poverty, animal protection, civil rights, gay rights, and more. Throughout recent years, many advertising campaigns have inspired social good through a variety of online and offline efforts. It reminds us of the importance beyond consumption and how great design and brilliant execution can show us what's truly important.

We chose our selections from the October 2012 release of Goodvertising: Creative advertising That Cares by Thomas Kolster, published by Thames & Hudson. Ours are only 25 of the hundreds the book offers, so we highly recommend that you purchase it for yourself.

25 Advertising Campaigns That Inspire Social Good

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