Olga Kurylenko: Flexible Fly Girl

Issue: October/November 2012

Photographer: Tony Kelly

Written By: Matthew Barone (@MBarone)


She is also a dancer, so she was able to do these interesting body positions.


Brent Rollins: "For Olga, we got to work with Tony Kelly once again, because he shoots women really well. Again, this was working with an actress, so we weren't sure what sort of story to tell with her. The yoga idea came from Tony, and that was a good thing, because it's an opportunity for her to do all these shapes and be sexy.

As an art director, I like that we could create interesting shapes with her body to use in both the layout and on the cover. We shot it in a studio in Los Angeles, so it has this crazy view. She is also a dancer, so she was able to do these interesting body positions."

Gina Batlle: "There are photographs of chicks in every issue, and you want to make them look hot, but it's not that simple. You want to find different ways to have them look hot and have there be an interesting scenario. She didn't want to do a straightforwardly sexy shoot, so how do we still have her look hot without her being in a bra and underwear? They had a yoga instructor there, so we would know what positions were actually real. She also showed us different angles that we could do, so that helped for us to get a better idea."

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