Complex's bi-monthly magazines are always a product of group planning, in-depth conception, and tight execution. 2012 was a year of multiple double-sided covers we are proud of, whether it was helping to break artists like A$AP Rocky and Lana Del Rey or finding new ways to present well-known figures like Justin Bieber and Nas

Behind the book, especially its cover shoots, are Complex's Art Director, Brent Rollins, and Photo Editor, Gina Battle. We asked them to share the stories behind all of last year's covers, in addition to our February/March 2013 covers with Rihanna and Kid Cudi. Whether talking about ideas that initially got rejected, how they picked photographers, or the experience of getting multiple people on a cover, they'll surprise you with how all of this really goes down.

Read through 16 Behind the Scenes Stories About Complex's 2012 Magazine Covers for a peek into our world.

As told to Cedar Pasori (@cedar).