Being in a competitive industry that operates at a brutal pace and with a high changeover rate is no excuse to be a pussy and whine about the grind. But it's also not necessarily an excuse for people to be nasty when they don't have to be. It seems like every other day we hear about industry insiders who abuse their power and act like people we hope to never spend time with. 

And what's possibly worse is that meanness has been cemented as a trait required to succeed in this industry. Why else would Anna Wintour's bitchiness be celebrated and imitated, even if it may not be true? And why is it her attitude that people focus on instead of the success she's had for the last 25 years at the helm of Vogue?

Trust us, there are plenty of genuinely nice people who succeed by being themselves, and for every person who finds success by being a dick there are about 1,000 who fail. Play your odds.