Yes, models are supposed to be very hot. But the truth is a lot of these women have faces akin to blank canvases upon which make-up artists and photographers can create an enormously wide range of looks. This is why the most talented women can go from shoot to shoot and seemingly transform into wholly other people depending on the project. But this also means a lot of them don't exhibit the impossible standard of beauty their editorials project upon the female consumer. In other words, a lot of times they look weird in real life. As guys, we still love models and all, but like Kanye said, sometimes you just like the girls who "got more ass than the models."

Regarding the sexualization of incredibly young-looking and actually young women: no need to bust out the Freud or anything, but it's pretty clear that that's just fucked up.

Also, male models - you should smile more! You all look like mopey teenagers who just woke up, even though that's probably true.