The fashion industry is a whirlwind business that has transcended the traditional two-season cycle to become a non-stop flood of news, streetstyle, collaborations, and personalities. If you're not sure you know what's happening a year from now, then you already need to catch up. 

Like anything that thunders on at such a breakneck pace, there are sure to be issues that are glossed over or ignored. The prevailing wisdom is that things will take care of themselves. But beneath the veneer of beautiful clothing, there is an industry that combines business and creativity - two forces that are constantly at odds with each other. 

Rarely are these tensions thoroughly discussed or given much thought even after they (sometimes fantastically) blow up. They're swept under the carpet, and the carnival continues to operate as usual.

There are plenty of things you can say about the fashion world, but rarely do we have the time to take a break and really talk about them. This feature is not to simply hate on aspects of the industry, but to give some thought to the uncomfortable truths that are easier, but not always best, left ignored. These are 10 Things Everyone Thinks About the Fashion Industry (But No One Will Say).

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