I believe these are the kind of boots that ultimately led to Mark McNairy being dubbed “McNasty” to be honest. The second I saw these I was all like, “THIS IS WHAT I’M FUCKING TALKING ABOUT, BRO,” but in my head though because my dictator editor is an asshole who doesn’t care about anything I have to say and invites everyone else in the office to hang out and get drinks at Oro after work, except me. Whatever, I don’t want to drink your floozy drinks and eat artisan cupcakes anyways, bird. Back to the shoes, McNasty is keeping it true to what he do with crazy mixtures of patterns and materials and the end product looks dope per usual. This is an exclusive collaboration with Très Bien, so hurry and use those Christmas gift cards on these before all the rich people who usually shop there buy 'em all up.