Do turtleneck sweaters remind you of that weird art teacher you had in school? The one that was always trying to get you to "paint your feelings" and congratulated you on that "vase" you made for the pottery section? You hated on him then, but now that you’re in or out of college, you realize his closet probably smelled more like weed than paper mache, and that those weird color blocked paintings he thought you’d like were Rothko's and girls who don’t wear bras love Rothko. THAT GUY WAS NEXT, NEXT LEVEL. Shout out to the all the stoner art teachers that were early adopters of this turtleneck swag shit. Buy this sweater from Norse Projects and get your art teacher on. Smoke some particularly strong weed and then go to an art school kid's exhibition and son the shit out of some huge fucking idiot trying to be the next Marina Abramovic.