Ah, muses. Girls. Women. The source of all your pain and misery. The source of everything wonderful in the world. Call them whatever you want, but their influence on our lives is undeniable. We here at Four Pins aren’t afraid to let the women in our lives know just how much we care. Or to continue to offer them infinite baskets of French fries from Red Robin in an effort to impress them. The best thing about muses is that they permeate your everyday life. Some are musicians, some artists, others bloggers and more whose names you’ll never know. So, of course, there’s no way we weren’t going to countdown, in no particular order, our personally muses of 2012. Because if there’s anything we know about smart, beautiful, and talented women, it’s that they love being quantified in lists (or binders) and having a weird menswear writer project his hopes and fears onto pictures of them he happens to see on the Internet. We love you all. Thanks for making 2012 special.