48. The Siachen Glacier Avalanche

Photographer: Khaqan Khawer

Year: April 2012

Location: Siachen Glacier, Kashmir

Casualties: 140

The Siachen Glacier makes up a blurry border between Pakistani- and Indian-administered regions of Kashmir, making it an especially disputed landmark and "the highest battlefield on Earth" between the two nations. India occupies the glacier and ridges while Pakistan controls the valleys - an arrangement that has kept the area peaceful for nearly ten years, though not free of horrific tragedy. Earlier this year an ice avalanche hit a Pakistani base, as is the trouble with occupying low, volatile ground. Soldiers like these badass-looking gentlemen came to aid rescue efforts, though ultimately no survivors were found while 129 soldiers and 11 civilians were lost. Despite constant military and political conflict in the region, its rugged weather and terrain take many more lives than combat.