Legend has it that the "Little Black Dress" gained notoriety when Man Ray's famous image of Coco Chanel in a sleek black frock splashed across the pages of Vogue in 1926. Mid-century magazines deemed this sleek black dress a wardrobe staple - a necessity and a uniform for every woman of taste. But in 1961, a film adaptation, Givenchy and a little star called Audrey Hepburn made it a classic. 

According to art history, however, the "LBD" had already made its mark centuries before. From Manet's impressionist dames to Modigliani's long-faced ladies, painters of all styles took their turn at the portrait of a woman in a black dress. In the 20th century, fashion mediums became more modern, and the black dress was made iconic by photographers such as Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, with celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana playing muse. 
Fashion today mandates that New Year's Eve is for glitter and sequins. But I say, save it for Vegas. There's nothing hotter than a babe in a Little Black Dress. In honor of the upcoming holiday, let's look back at 25 of the most iconic little black dresses in art.