The '90s were a great time in sports. It was the decade when athletes first began to be treated as celebrities, their paychecks soared astronomically, and their personalities were just as enormous as their freakish 'roided out bodies. Style may have been secondary to the heroic feats these guys committed every gameday, but we can now look back with nostalgia at the sartorial choices our sports idols made in a decade that was generally defined by prosperity, panache, and flagrancy.

The athletes of the '90s weren't being invited to New York Fashion Week and didn't "intern" at Vogue, but they were definitely setting trends and rocking the illest gear back in the day. Some of these dudes would be a far cry from any "best dressed" list in their current get-ups, but we tracked down and ranked the glory days of these stylish dudes. Click through and check out The 10 Best Dressed Athletes of the '90s.