These Vans Vault x Taka Hayashi boots have a lot of details, but I’m gonna just skip ahead to the most awesome of the bunch. Um, the ripple soles, duh. Ripple soles trump other details, I’m sorry. I mean, seriously, you can only have so many Lunarlon soles or whatever the fuck they’re calling Nike's newest futuristic turnt soles. Are you trying to be more responsible about your finances and cutting back on "indulgences," are you? Worried about the fiscal cliff? MAN, FUCK THE FISCAL CLIFF. YOU KNOW WHAT A FISCAL CLIFF IS? HAVING EXACTLY $5.98 IN YOU CHECKING ACCOUNT AND SWIPING YOUR CARD AT CHIPOTLE AND SHOUTING "CREDIT" BEFORE THE CASHIER CAN HIT THE DEBIT SWITCH. SWAN DIVE OFF THAT SHIT.