As you'll see in this video, Matthew Henson, Market Editor for Complex Magazine, has a style that is simple yet effective: clean, neutral, and with minimal conspicuous details. Here are a few tips to achieve this vibe that's ideal for a guy on the go:

Nix The Hoodie

Look, we all love our hoodies, but if you're looking to switch things up, you might want to consider a sweater-jacket hybrid. It's gives off a classier and more mature vibe while still possessing the comfort and functionality of a sweatshirt.

Classic Shoes

Wingtips are no longer just for geezers or gangsters, they are a staple for any guy looking to exude a bit of class. From patterned windsor lace-ups to solid designs with steel toecaps, a wide variety of options make this a dependable go-to choice.


We are living in the golden age of jackets. While the sport coat remains a timeless favorite, numerous alternatives—from the motocross to the classic trench to the traditional bomber—enable a minimalist flair allowing for both comfort and paired-down luxury.

Not Blue Jeans

Nothing combines style and stability like a good pair of jeans, but that doesn't mean your pair always has to remain confined to a blue hue. A number of designers have introduced jeans and other workwear apparel in a variety of colors to align with the different seasons, or to liven up the denim blues.