The name Iwan Baan may not be familiar to you, but one of his most recent photographs definitely is. His aerial image of New York half-lit due to electrical damages from Hurricane Sandy made the November 12 cover of New York Magazine. It was simply captioned, "The City and the Storm."

Although Baan has been a prominent architectural photographer for many years now, he has just announced representation with Perry Rubenstein Gallery for his fine art work. His photography is especially relevant to increased discussions of urbanization through examining architecture and social behavior. Of their union, Perry Rubenstein says, “Iwan Baan’s practice effortlessly conjoins photography and architecture, simultaneously exploring the iconic power of structures and habitats and the humanity and fragility of life within them. His voice is singular and undeniable.”

The City and the Storm image will be the centerpiece of an exhibition in Los Angeles titled The Way We Live, opening February 20, 2013, that will feature large-scale images of Baan’s work. A limited-edition print of the New York Magazine cover is for sale at the online MoMA Store, and the proceeds will benefit the Mayor’s Fund To Advance New York City for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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[via PerryRubenstein]