The New York art scene is definitely not limited to the galleries of Chelsea and the museums uptown. The Madison Square Garden Park Conservancy will be installing Orly Genger's Red, Yellow and Blue this upcoming year as part of an ongoing series that has previously included prominent installation artists like Leo Villareal

Genger is known for her intricate rope work, where she hand-knots nautical rope covered in different types of paint. The art aims to embellish the lush lawns of the garden and will even make its way to deCordova Sculpture Park in Boston, Massachusetts in fall 2013. 

Using over 1.4 million feet of rope, Genger's piece turns out to be around 20 times the length of Manhattan. The artist has covered the rope in over 3,000 gallons of paint which weighs around 100,00 pounds. Genger's work will undoubtedly transform the park's landscape and encourage people to engage with the park in a whole new way.

[via MadisonSquarePark]