You know what everyone keeps telling me is cool? Shit that's handmade in America. Y’all keep throwing around the word “heritage,” which doesn’t really make sense when you’re talking about clothes because I don’t think clothes have any traditions or family so the term makes zero sense, but whatever. Anyway, check out these “heritage” as hell leather goods from Maximum Henry. You think your jean fades are sick? How about your wallet fades? Step your goddamn game up. I know you geek out on sewing machines so we took a picture of Max’s Americana as fuck Singer sewing machine too so you have something to print out and tape above your bed. Those brass buckles? Direct from Ohio the birthplace of Michael Williams himself. The wallets are made from exotic Argentinean leather and the belts are made with some of that very rare Belgian cowhide. The best thing about all this is that the goods are actually affordable for a change. $40 (plus shipping, naturally) gets you the nicest wallet you've ever owned that will make your friends jealous of your wallet because you actually are worried about what your friends think about your wallet. Check out the online store for all his goods including keychains, a bracelet and, the grandaddy of them all, a blue leather wallet.

Photography by Ryan Matuszewski

Mitchell Goldstein is a writer and artist living in Brooklyn. Check out his personal blog here and his Twitter here.