Shout outs to Iron and Resin for making the quintessential American glove. Not a single hint of fairy dust on this bison leather that I’m 130% sure can hammer a nail into a slab of wood no problem. Now all you need to do is actually find yourself a nail to hammer into something. Let’s be real though, none of you readers that actually have the money to buy these gloves are hammering shit. I get it, you’re too busy walking around in SoHo all day, worrying about if you put enough Kiehl’s face moisturizer on because the cold is known to dry your face out, all while sipping on a somewhat bottomless soy latte. It’s ok, just pay the goons that do hammer shit, and can’t afford these gloves to do the manly shit for you, while you just sit back and try to look manly. Your Carharrt jacket was $340, don't forget. Can’t get that dirty.