Yo, this collection is called "From Rugs to Riches" aka the best name for anything clothing related since B.U.M. Equipment, straight up. That’s right. I don’t even care what the collection looks like, to be honest. This dude Stephan Schneider (who I probably should know, but don't, so whatever, I'll leave that up for one of you intrepid goons in the comments) from Antwerp has just got to be an awesome dude. Although the collection doesn’t feature as many Persian rug motifs as I thought it would, there are a few key pieces in there. All in all, it’s a pretty solid menswear collection rife with effeminate scarves, top coats, paneling details and shawls—these are all very much things that we very much like. When people ask you where you got yours, you can just tell 'em, "FROM RUGS TO RICHES, BITCHES."