Yes, we have a distrust for the briefcase. However, Filson has a penchant for producing some of the most coveted bags on the market. And while its "Twill and Tweed"(a collaboration with Harris Tweed) Original Briefcase may don the moniker of the ill-aligned valuables carrier—we mess with this bag, heavy. Come on, Filson twill and Harris Tweed, together? That's a no-brainer. Not only is this briefcase constructed from some of the most well-made materials available, it also comes in two amazing make-ups. There's an otter green and and lively tweed option if you're like mostly everyone who appreciates a good tweed. But there is also a black version as well, for those who function in the city more than rural areas or college libraries. Unfortunately, these bags are on backorder right now, but check Filson's e-commerce site to purchase($295) and get yours shipped by mid-January.

[via Filson]