Awesome ideas are sometimes born out of the strangest places. Take for instance, Cats Brothers of London came upon an idea during a night out at a Mexican themed restaurant. The brand's founders Anna Wilkinson and Lindsay McKean used their talent for knitting and came up with the crazy idea of doing knits that pay homage to dead rappers and pieces inspired by the Day of the Dead.

The duo gives a unique twist to classic images of Tupac, Biggie, and MCA with embroidery over pre-printed T-shirts. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez of TLC is also featured in a baggy jumper your lady friends would love. Moving along to its Day of the Dead pieces, the two designers really show off their skills with skull knits, colorful beading embellishments, and customized everything from a dope denim jacket to button-ups. The Cats Brothers online shop will be opening soon, and London retailer Browns has also picked up a couple pieces to debut during London Fashion week.

[via stylebubble]