Yo son, did you see Schlossman and Nickel Cobalt rocking shawls and shit? THAT MEANS WE CAN ROCK SHAWLS IN MIDDLE AMERICA TOO. Your girl is about to catch feelings from my Instagram feed. This blanket/cape/shawl/thing is from Original Fake and is available at Haven. It can be worn as a cloak/cape thing and you can even roll it up and stow it in the trunk of your car because you never know when you’ll need to throw on your cape. I can guarantee your friends and girlfriend will tease you mercilessly when you rock this thing. Just say what I always say, "FUCK YOU SQUARES. EXPAND YOUR MINDS. DID YOU KNOW PEOPLE IN NEW YORK CITY WEAR THESE KINDS OF THINGS ALL THE TIME? DID YOU KNOW THEY WEAR SNEAKERS WITH SUITS AND THEY WEAR SILVER BRACELETS WITH APLOMB?"