Check out this bag from Owner Operator. It has a tiny backpack attached to the back of the big backpack like they’re koala bears or some shit. Although I hear koalas aren’t all that cuddly or adorable. Yeah, those fuckers pee everywhere and they have chlamydia like their name was Benjamin Franklin. Seriously, even the kids from One Direction got freaked the fuck out that they would catch the clap after they picked a koala up in Brisbane. I guess now if you have "some explaining to do" you could always say you we're hanging out with a koala and it peed on you. ALSO, I'M NEVER GOING TO AUSTRALIA EVER. IT HAS, LIKE, THE MOST POISONOUS ANIMALS ON THE PLANET AND NOW THEIR ADORABLE MARSUPIALS CAN GIVE YOU STDs. FUCK THAT WEIRD ISLAND CONTINENT THING.