The goal for everyone: get cooler as you get older. Bill Murray has mastered this. Not only has the A-list comedian been able to take his cultural cache in stride(Zombieland), but he is also looks dapper as ever. Murray was recently styled for a GQ editorial shoot, and let's say his quirky sense of humor definitely translates to his personal style. Who else would use a pink bra as a pocket square? Yes, Bill Murray. Bill "f*cking" Murray. Also, check out the actor recreating his Caddyshack days—this time with clothes from Mark McNairy New Amsterdam, Alexander Olch, and Cole Haan. That's next-level. Still, Murray kills it with a selection of slim knit ties, Burberry trench coats, and Borsalino hats at JJ Hat Center. But the most important take-away from this article: the man makes the clothes. While we're sure this assembly of fine menswear can transform any schlub, Murray signifies that the wearer impacts the perceived style of the entire ensemble.

[via GQ]