Of course, everyone wants to obtain high-end clothing that straddles the line between luxury and streetwear, but unfortunately few can afford it. Aloha Rag is ready to spread some holiday cheer and offer up a sample sale Thursday, December 13, through Sunday, December 16, at 545 Greenwich St. New York City. What's available you might ask? Just up to 65% off brands such as Rick Owens, Balmain, Maison Martin Margiela, and Adam Kimmel, along with Aloha Rag's private label clothing. We know you should probably spend your hard-earned money on others this season, but with discounts this high its hard to pass up a deal. However, with aspirational clothing comes aspirational prices, so don't expect to find Target and H&M collection prices. Still, you should stack your chips and see what you can score.

[via The Choosy Beggar]

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