This past year was a pretty wild one in style. If last year was the era when dudes first started to experiment with tried and true formulas, then 2012 was the time when guys took serious risks with already established style. Tons of athletes, actors, and musicians may have appeared fashionable or caught our eye for a moment, but very few had a true sense of their own style that was consistently fresh throughout the year.

We combed through the red carpets, street style, and performances to find the most stylish celebrities who weren't hopping on trends, but were forging their own steez in a sea of mediocrity. These are the dudes who know what works, but who aren't scared to switch it up either. After a full year of watching these guys lead the pack, here are The 25 Most Stylish Celebrities of 2012.

By James Harris (@Dr_TacoMD)