Soooooo, this is actually, like, "art" or something, isn’t it? No fucking way Yoko Ono thinks she can break up The Beatles AND ruin menswear. Yeah, yeah, one person can’t ruin something and this probably isn’t even the worst thing to ever come out of a designer’s cranium, but still, this stuff fucking sucks. Even if it is art, can’t we say it’s bad art? Like, what’s the message? Is highlighting nips and dicks a statement on how women’s fashion do the same to them? Is this just a really poorly executed indictment of gender division and sexual politics in fashion? WHOA GROUNDBREAKING CONCEPT, YOKO. IT AIN’T 1965 ANYMORE. HAVE YOU HEARD OF PUSSY RIOT? NOW THAT SHIT MAKES A STATEMENT. THIS MAKES ME WANT TO TAKE A RUNNING START AND SUPER PUNCH OPENING CEREMONY IN THEIR SMUG STUPID FUCKING FACE. That time you and John snuggled up for peace was cool. But you know what was cooler? FUCKING REVOLVER. It’s okay to let your spouse be the talented and artistic one. George Harrison’s wives would never do something like this. NEVER. See this garment abortion for yourself above.