Denim-on-denim: the Texas or Canadian tuxedo, depending on geography, has branched away from its backwater roots and run its course in mainstream fashion. With the flooding of chambray shirts available on the market, it is hard for a brand to differentiate itself even when paying attention to the most painstaking details.

White Mountaineering's Paisley-Patterned Cotton-Chambray Shirt is a game changer. Shades of blue and paisley-print give an exciting resurgence to the oft-replicated workwear staple. Not only is the pattern super dope, but the tailoring and construction are spot-on. You can either make this a statement piece, or layer it under a jacket to break up a conservative outfit. Check out Mr. Porter's webshop for a chance to cop one of these shirts for $570. Who said innovation was cheap?

[via Mr. Porter]