Serbian born Marina Abramović has been a participating artist for more than three decades. With works that often explore the parallel between performer and her audience, Marina's stagings are often considered exhausting "marathon performances" which challenge the artist's physical and mental stamina. One of her most successful productions was "The Artist is Present", a three month performance piece in which Marina sat in a chair at the atrium of the Museum of Modern Art, quietly gazing at more than 750,000 visitors for a total of 736 hours. 

In celebration of the artist's 66th birthday, which is today, we've collected a series of photos which document thousands of spectators who silently confided in Marina for an unrestricted amount of time. Fortunately for you, we thought ahead and selected the best looking ones for your viewing pleasure. 

Hit the thumbs for a detailed look at vulnerable faces captured during Marina's 2010 performance.

[via Marina Abramovic Hotties]