I'm just gonna put it out there—Stussy is a brand that I have a strong affinity for. It’s probably because one of my older cousins had a friend who always wore Stussy tank tops and T-shirts. She wore Vision Streetwear shoes and had grenade earrings. I’m also pretty sure she was the first sideboob I ever saw, which is why to this day I love tanktops. GOD, I THINK I STILL LOVE THAT GIRL. Anywho, leave it to Schott and Stussy to fucking crush the military inspired outerwear game. Didn’t know that game needed crushing, did you? THEN YOU AIN'T IN THE GAME, CHUMP. While my favorite is the zippered pea coat, each piece in this collaboration is dope. A waxed cotton field jacket? Puffy bomber? FUCK YEAH, SON. I’m gonna go listen to some Pennywise and try and remember what that girl’s name was. Check out more info and shots of the collection here.


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