The past week in art saw Olympic artwork, a hurricane that affected NYC's Chelsea art galleries, Presidential soda cans, and Shepard Fairey's first solo show in five years. Check out The Best Art Stories of the Week (October 28 - November 4):

The 2014 Winter Olympics Pictograms Have Been Released
Date: October 27

Ah, yes. Following the end of the 2012 summer Olympics, it's only natural that we look forward to the 2014 winter games, which will be held in Sochi, Russia...and their pictograms. [Read More]

A Recap of Shepard Fairey's Stolenspace in London
Date: October 28

Earlier this month, we revealed that Shepard Fairey painted three murals outside the StolenSpace Gallery in London as part of a new exhibit there titled "SOUND & VISION." It's his first solo show in London in five years, so he made sure to go big. [Read More]

Today's Google Doodle Celebrates the Late Painter Bob Ross on His Birthday
Date: October 29 

Bob Ross, creator and host of PBS’s The Joy of Painting, would have been 70-years-old today. As such, Google celebrates his legacy as an artist and media figure with a well-suited illustration. [Read More]

Under Armour Unveils Texas Tech Lone Star Pride Uniforms
Date: October 29 

This weekend, when Texas Tech University battled University of Texas on the gridiron, state pride was on the line. [Read More]

Jack Daniels Launches Special Tribute Bottle for Frank Sinatra
Date: October 29 

Frank Sinatra commonly referred to Jack Daniel's as the "Nectar of the Gods." In celebration of the brand's most loyal and distinguished Whiskey ambassador, Jack Daniel's will launch a special bottle inspired by Frank's legacy. [Read More]

Sandy Delivers Devastating Blow to NYC Art Galleries
Date: October 31 

Training as a museum curator, emphasis was always placed on disaster preparation. Moister and temperature change are dangerous elements in the health of objects and paintings. [Read More]

The 25 Funniest Memes of October 2012
Date: November 1

October was a crazy, funny month. We had Presidential debates, Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking jump, Facebook's first ad, the premiere of Walking Dead, Hurricane Sandy, a ton of adorable animals, and more to keep us entertained. [Read More]

Bob Dylan Has a New Art Exhibition
Date: November 1

We love Bob Dylan because, no matter his age, he keeps rocking out. Besides music, Dylan has shown artwork in galleries, with the most recent being the controversial Asia Paintings from last summer. [Read More]

Presidential Soda Pop
Date: November 1

Designer Brian Singer aka Someguy recently created a series of non-commercial soda cans inspired by next week's presidential election. [Read More]

TIME Magazine Chooses Instagram Photo For Their Hurricane Sandy Cover
Date: November 2

Some people still don't take Instagram as a medium seriously, but the new cover of TIME Magazine will likely change that. [Read More]

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