Recently, we fell into a glorious Internet wormhole of hip-hop and fashion from the 1990s. We trolled through the forums and scanned an entire decade's worth of magazine archives to find these throwback advertisements starring the biggest industry names rocking the flyest gear of the era.

Chances are these ads will transport you back to a magical time when you were first developing an interest in hip-hop and fashion. An interesting thing of note is that not many rappers were starring in ad campaigns in the first half of the decade. It was only until 1995 or so that companies realized that rappers were commercially viable. And this being pre-Internet, there are phone numbers on the ads (bonus points if you call to see if they still work). Phone numbers! When websites start showing up on the ads in the later part of the decade, most are accompanied by an email address, usually

If your mind hasn't exploded from reading about how things worked before the world wide web, then click through these 90 advertisements. We've ranked the most stylish rappers of all time, and also documented the best overall trends of the 90s, so it was only natural that we combined the two worlds to look at The 90 Best Hip-Hop Fashion Ads of the '90s.

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