Occupation: Editor
Approximate Weight: 300+ lbs.

Meet the man who puts the "at large" in "Editor-At-Large." You don't become Anna Wintour's right-hand-man without being undeniably stylish, and André Leon Talley is the walking epitome of aspirational style in every aspect of his life. Name another person who unabashedly plays tennis in Louis Vuitton. This North Carolinian hustled his way into fashion by way of his first gig with Andy Warhol, and has been making shit happen ever since. Even though he's dropped a couple of pounds because Oprah convinced him to, he advised Michelle Obama on her fashion choices in 2008, introducing her to designer Jason Wu, who went on to put her in the gown she wore on her husband's inauguration night. Forget Kanye, if you talk about style around this guy he'll more than embarrass you—in fluent French.

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