If you regularly look at fashion party recaps and photos online, they must seem like glamorous affairs. Sure, everything looks idyllic from afar, but that's just a shallow veneer that gives only the slightest hint of what lies inside. 

Take a trip down the rabbit hole, and allow us to introduce you to the cast of characters you will undoubtedly find at all fashion parties and industry events. Whether it's the wasted blogger who thinks he belongs, or the model who came here with only one thing on her mind (the hors d'oeuvres), these are the industry types who populate these parties.

Study up on them here, and if you make it past the velvet rope you'll already have a good sense of what to expect and who to avoid. These are, without a doubt, The 10 Types of People You Meet at Fashion Industry Events. Now you know why there's so much free liquor.