In light of his recently announced collaboration with AriZona on a "Lemon Fizz" drink, artist Richard Prince had an impromptu photo shoot with Terry Richardson, where he's pictured with a case of the product. The Pop Art-inspired 23-oz. can has representations of Prince's Nurse and Jokes paintings alongside larger black and white shots of him.

According to Jackie Harrigan, Global Communications Director at AriZona,

"It was important for AriZona to create a beverage that embodied the mystery and intensity of Richard's art, and Lemon Fizz acts as the perfect beverage to symbolize those feelings."

Prince adds,

"My latest work has embodied the use of tangible items, such as cans, to create installations. As a fan of AriZona's Arnold Palmer line, it felt natural to collaborate, and the partnership evolved from there. The outcome is Lemon Fizz, which is a fantastic beverage and one that I can employ in my own craft."

The drink will be released nationally following an exhibition at this year's Art Basel Miami. 

[via TerrysDiary]