MMG's Stalley is dropping his Blue Collar Gang clothing line, consisting of basics like hoodies, sweatshirts, and T-shirts. We got word from the Ohio rapper on the inspiration behind the brand and the values that shape it:

"The brand BCG represents blue collar hardworking individuals. People who are family-oriented with family values and self-made attitudes. I want to make a line that represents those people and that is affordable, comfortable, and stylish. Indicative of the environment in Massillon, I was raised in."

Stalley's recruited some heavy hitters for this operation. Complex Man of Next Year nominee BJ Betts, a tattooist noted for his lettering, designed the BCG logo. Meanwhile Ben Ferenz of Fair Ends designed the disc logo. The line launched at Philadelphia's Sneaker Villa today. Future events are happening in Cleveland on Nov. 13 and Chicago on Nov. 15.