Animal Chin - Have You Seen Him

Year: 1987

"At that time there were two incarnations for Animal Chin. The first we were trying to make fun of the fact that during that time, during the '80s skateboarding boom, a lot of new companies were forming and they were making pro models for people that didn't deserve pro models at all. We decided to create a character that was so undeserving of a pro model that he, number one, didn't skateboard, and number two had never even seen concrete. That was the first Animal Chin incarnation. And somehow Animal Chin then became this zen figure for a video that we did, the idea being 'Have you seen him?' i.e. have you found inner peace, have you found your inner skateboarding? It was a suggestion of something to come, or maybe not. We liked doing things that made people go, 'What on Earth are they doing now?' We always figured that was better than just having them turn a page."