Burning Car

Year: 1986

"This was an attempt to embrace the negativity that people were spouting off about our company, and to celebrate it. Like, If you're going to say things about us, then at least let us advertise it. This was one of our better campaigns. These are quotes that people actually said about us, our company, our products. We were pretty much the No. 1 company, and whenever you're No. 1, people are always going to take shots at you. People were taking shots at us, and so it's like, OK, let's show them. We're not only going to embrace what they're saying, we're going to put it into our advertisements. That was a ballsy thing to do. We did things that we found entertaining. The good thing is that we were a company that was not beholden to anybody. We didn't have shareholders, we didn't have any adults telling us what not to do, and so we were able to do this. We were able to have fun. And we were able to operate in what you might call a nontraditional manner."