The Stark sweater from S.N.S. Herning is getting the job done with its heavy wool exploded waffle knit. Yo, you want to be a renowned menswear aficionado and garner mad respect? Use ambiguous clothing descriptors, like "exploded waffle knit," to sound like you know what the fuck you’re talking about when you don’t have a single clue. How do you think I’m writing this right now? I told a motherfucker I liked the cross-medicinal patched intricacies on his jeans and he was all amazed because he had never heard that before. In my head I was all like, “Of course not, asshole. I just made that shit up on the spot.” And in real life I was all like, “Oh, well, I just read a lot about clothing. No big deal.” Snake it ‘til you make it, baby.