Remember when you didn’t really know what a pocket square was? Remember when you only wore suits to funerals and interviews? Remember when you could care less about accessories? It's hard to recall, no? THAT'S BECAUSE THE WORLD DONE CHANGED, HOMIE. If you don’t buy yourself some slick pocket squares your girlfriend will. And you DO NOT want that. I mean, do you really want to look like your girlfriend dressed you? You know when people dress their dogs up and when you look at the dog he looks up at you with the most defeated, embarrassed eyes ever? Exactly. Let your girlfriend dress you and the only thing you’ll have to match that sweet Banana Republic and Gap shirt and tie combo is a look of embarrassment and smoldering resentment. Chief, a new company out of Brooklyn makes these blocked pocket squares. They come in sets of two that are apprently "gift packs." I say, fuck giving this year. Just buy stuff for yourself.