Post O'Alls is bringing fun and distinction to time-tested workwear staples with its autumn/winter collection. The brand is paying excruciating attention to detail to ensure its garments are accurate replications. Herringbone tweed vests and jackets are paired with floral print shirts and duck canvas garments, allowing just enough color to pop through to create a lively kit.

Every item in the collection is made in USA, and serve as relics of a forgotten era that can be enjoyed today. The C-POST6 Shirt, an indigo Southern chambray, sets itself apart from the multitude of mall-brand interpretations with an extra fresh collar and button-breast pocket. Chances are this is the actual shirt your grandfather was wearing in that cool black-and-white photo next to that hunk-of-steel Plymouth. So if blue-collar clothing on a white-collar budget is your thing, head over to End Clothing's webshop where the entire collection can be purchased.

[via End Clothing]