Photographer Jeremy Kost has been documenting gender, sexuality, and nightlife using Polaroids, in a way highly influenced by Andy Warhol. His Polaroids become collages that are the basis of silkscreen paintings. The exhibition features new work produced especially for The Warhol, including a monumental photo-collage executed on the site of Andy Warhol’s grave.

Of Warhol, Kost says, "As an artist in today's world, it is impossible to escape the reach of Andy Warhol's immense influence. For me personally, it lies more in his thinking, appreciation for things of beauty, and the way that we collectively perceive the world. We clearly share common subjects, both literally and generationally. Also sharing similar mediums and processes, it has always been important for me to add to the discourse of his legacy without being derivative, and I aspire to do that always."

Visit Jeremy Kost: Friends with Benefits on December 2, 2012 at the Warhol Museum.