Graffiti magazines, sadly, often look a bit drab. So much art on the walls, so little art direction on the pages. Lucky for you, reader, times are changing.

Since 2002, has hosted musings from a number of "has been's and never was'" about graffiti. After a decade of unfocused meandering, the crew has buckled down, focused, and produced the greatest graffiti magazine ever. Ok, ok...yes, it took them three years. But give credit where it is due.

Contributions come from TopSafe alumni Will Robson-Scott and world-renowned graffiti writers Roid and Horfe, the magazine also features artist Will Tuck, Smart Crew, Sean Vegezzi, Gary Warnett and Stephen K Shuster. HurtYouBad#1: Concealed Intentions takes these images and voices, gives it a fashionable graphic edge, and then takes you through some travels and teaches you pig plastic surgery. What else do you want?

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