Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Freelance Writer and Editor

Has Written For: SPIN, Rolling Stone, New York Times, XXL, MTV, VIBE, Pitchfork, Salon, Interview, The Fader

Rule: Find your voice.

"This can be as simple as listening to yourself and writing down exactly what you feel—so often the writer's tendency, particularly in magazine/online journalism, is to fall back on what's worked before, to structure pieces like they've seen them written through the years. But if you're trying to be the 2013 Gay Talese or Joan Didion, it's important to be true to your impressions, to be honest with yourself. Don't mimic anyone's style, focus on sharpening your own. It will distinguish your writing, and you will also effectively clear the readers' bullshit-o-meter."

Favorite Pieces and Projects:

"Frank Ocean Has a Cold" (SPIN)

"UK Label Night Slugs, Defining a Sound Without a Name" (MTV Hive)

Waka Flocka Cover Story (SPIN)

Website / @jawnita