Chris Brown and his crew dressed up as stereotypical Islamic terrorists for Halloween. The costume choice immediately stirred up controversy, something the singer is no stranger to. Earlier this week Breezy defended his actions in an interview given on Power106 LA with a bug-eyed reaction that was equally playful and sincere. 

"IT'S FUCKING HALLOWEEN! IT'S A MOTHERFUCKING PAGAN HOLIDAY. WE DRESSS OUR KIDS UP AS SATAN, DEMONS, LITTLE GOBLINS, AND ALL THIS OTHER SHIT. GET OVER IT PEOPLE. I WAS DRESSED AS MOTHERFUCKIN', AND I'MMA SAY IT, MOTHERFUCKIN', you can beep it out, I was dressed as the people we kill. The person you killed.... BIN LADEN!!! I WAS DRESSED AS THE PEOPLE YOU KILL!! It's nobodies motherfuckin' business. And everybody who really mad about it? Fuck y'all."

Watch the full interview that includes a pretty hilarious impression of Rihanna making a late-night booty call to Breezy's crib. He starts discussing the costume at the 4:30 mark.