Be forewarned, this Mackintosh jacket has a lot of fine touches—when prices get up to this level of the stratosphere, you gotta start busting out the "fine touches." I’m not going to name all of said "fine touches" for you, because if I did, what would End be paying their copywriter for? Instead, I’m going to tell you how even though the classic rubberized cotton isn’t done up in some razzle dazzle camo pattern, it will keep you bone dry. And staying dry is pretty much the name of the game isn’t it? This coat is kind of snobby looking in an old money anti-gauche way, so you’d probably feel like carrying an umbrella and wearing galoshes and stopping by your broker’s office when wearing it. Go on, son—chase the dream of weekends spent blowing crazy loot, wearing British raincoats and drinking white tea, while brunching with a disproportionate amount ( > 1) of professionally attractive women.